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Arduino Project

Heart Rate & Spo2 Monitor System Using MAX30100 & NodeMCU ESP8266.

In this project we will build a device that can measure Blood Oxygen Concentration & Heart Rate using MAX30100 Pulse Oximeter & NodeMCU. The blood Oxygen Concentration termed as SpO2 is measured in Percentage and Heart Beat/Pulse Rate is measured in BPM. The MAX30100 is a Pulse Oximetry and heart rate monitor sensor solution.We will display the […]

Arduino Project

Heartbeat Sensor using Arduino (Heart Rate Monitor)

Heartbeat Sensor using Arduino (Heart Rate Monitor) In this post we are going to make a Heart Beat Detection and Monitoring System using Arduino that will detect the heart beat using the Pulse Sensor and will display the reading in 16×2 LCD  in BPM (Beats Per Minute). The Heartbeat Sensor Heartbeat Sensor is an electronic […]

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