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Creating a Smart Home with Arduino: Exploring IoT Cloud and Arduino Nano ESP32.

Introduction. In the realm of home automation, the evolution of technology offers endless possibilities. The recent launch of the Arduino Nano ESP32 board is a game-changer, breathing new life into older systems. In this article, we’ll explore how an old home-automation PCB, originally designed for the Arduino Nano, can be rejuvenated using the Arduino Nano […]

ESP32 Projects

4 Node Home-Automation System Using Smallest ESP32.| XIAO ESP32-C3 | Temperature,Humidity & Manual.

Introducton. In the realm of home automation, the integration of compact design and advanced technology has led to remarkable innovations. A prime example of this is a home-automation project that not only allows control of four appliances via a smartphone app and manual switches but also incorporates global remote access and environmental monitoring. This article […]

ESP32 Projects

30Amp Home-Automation PCB for heavy Load Appliances.

In this article I am going to introduce my newly designed 30amp home-automation PCB. I have also designed lot other home-automation PCBs, like 2 node , 4 node and 8 node home-automation PCBs. These PCBs are fully tested and works very well These PCBs are best for home-automation system, But these PCBs could handle only […]

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ESP32-C3-MINI: A Powerful and Compact IoT Development Board.

Introduction. I have design and Made Purple ESP32 and ESP32 with USB Type- C port….those boards were amazing, Now in this Article I am going to introduce my newly design brand new ESP32C3-MINI board. If we compare with the regular ESP32 Board with the size of this ESP32C3 MINI BOARD the size is  almost half. Also […]

ESP32 Projects

Bluetooth & Manual Control Home-Automation System with Realtime feedback.

Introduction. In this article I am going to make a very useful and very easy home-automation system. In this home-automation system we will control our home-appliances from the android app through Bluetooth and we can also control the appliances via manual switch buttons that we regularly do, Now You’re thinking we already make this project!  […]

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Voice controlled Home-Automation System along with manual control.

 Now-days almost everyone has smart speakers in their house like Amazon Alexa or google assistant. I have Amazon Alexa in my house, the quality of voice assistant is amazing. You can ask anything to Alexa and Alexa will give response in no-time. Talking to Alexa is always a fun. Apart from this we can also use Alexa […]

ESP32 Projects

AC Light Dimmer Using TRIAC & ESP32.

Hello friends, welcome to another article. In this tutorial we will learn about AC dimmer circuit and will make one using TRIAC. If we want to turn ON/OFF our home-appliances like TV, BULB, FAN etc. we can directly do this digitally using Relay with any microcontroller like Arduino. Here turning ON/OFF is great way of […]

ESP32 Projects IOT Project

SMT 4 Node Smart HomeAutomation PCB.|ESP32

Hey hello friends welcome to another post, In this article, I am going to introduce my newly design fully SMT components used 4 channel remotely and manually controlled homeAutomation PCB. I have also made 8 channel SMT homeautomation PCB, TMT Components used homeautomation PCB. This homeautoamtion PCB is very small in size and compact which can […]

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