3D Printing Services of JLCPCB.

3D Printing Services of JLCPCB.


In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the demand for efficient and reliable 3D printing services has grown exponentially. Enter JLCPCB, a subsidiary of the renowned JLCPCB brand, offering cutting-edge online 3D printing and CNC machining services. With a commitment to using the latest manufacturing technology, JLCPCB 3D Printing Services has solidified its position as an industry leader, providing an impressive array of industrial-grade materials suitable for various sectors, including automotive, medical, and consumer electronics fields.

The JLCPCB Ordering Process: Simple and Streamlined

One of the hallmarks of JLCPCB 3D Printing Services is its user-friendly and streamlined ordering process. Aspiring clients can easily navigate the website and upload their 3D designs or models. JLCPCB’s state-of-the-art platform can handle a wide range of file formats, ensuring that customers can seamlessly submit their designs hassle-free.

Click on the Add 3D Files button as shown in the above image, to upload the 3D files of of your 3D Parts.

JLCPCB Supports STL,STP, STEP & OBJ files for 3D-Printing.

After Uploading the 3D Files select the preferred material , specifications and quantity of 3D Parts.

After that click on save to cart to complete your order, and if select the fastest shipping method you may get delivered your 3D Parts in 3-5 days.

Upon receiving the design files, JLCPCB’s team of experienced engineers thoroughly reviews them to check for any potential issues and optimize them for the selected 3D printing technology. This rigorous quality control step helps to minimize errors and ensures that the final product meets the client’s expectations.

Packaging & 3D Printed Part Quality.

Within a week I got my 3D Printed Part from JLCPCB,  JLCPCB pays great attention to protecting the 3D printed parts during transit. They employ secure packaging techniques to prevent any damage that may occur during shipping. Each part is carefully placed in suitable packaging materials, ensuring that it arrives at its destination in pristine condition.

JLCPCB places great emphasis on shipping as an integral part of their service. They offer international shipping options, employ tracking systems for transparency, use secure packaging methods, and provide customer support to ensure that their 3D printed parts reach customers promptly and safely, regardless of their location.

Quality of 3D Printed Products:

Precision and Accuracy: One of the key factors that sets JLCPCB apart is its commitment to precision and accuracy. With advanced 3D printers and meticulous calibration processes, they can achieve high levels of accuracy in the printed parts. This is crucial for intricate designs and complex geometries that demand flawless reproduction.

Precise Corners and Edges: Sharp corners and precise edges are essential for many engineering applications. JLCPCB’s 3D printing service excels in delivering accurate corners and clean edges, ensuring that the 3D parts fit seamlessly into the overall product design.

Versatility in Design ComplexityWhether the 3D part is a straightforward model or an intricate design, JLCPCB rises to the challenge. Their skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment can handle a wide range of complexities, ensuring that customers receive the exact parts they envision, irrespective of design intricacies.

 Surface Finish and AestheticsJLCPCB’s 3D printing service boasts impressive surface finish capabilities. They offer various finishes, from smooth to textured, depending on the material and the client’s requirements. The smooth surface finish is ideal for parts requiring fine detailing and aesthetic appeal.

Strength and Durability: The 3D printed parts from JLCPCB are designed to be robust and durable. They utilize high-quality materials like ABS, PLA, resin, and others, ensuring the components can withstand real-world applications and environmental factors.

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Share your 3D files with JLCPCB, and in return, they will reward you with a generous $7 USD coupon that you can use towards your next  order. Whether you’re a seasoned engineer or a passionate maker, this offer is perfect for anyone looking to bring their projects to life while saving some bucks!

Diverse 3D Printing Technologies: Tailored Solutions for Every Need.

JLCPCB boasts an extensive array of 3D printing technologies, catering to the diverse requirements of its clientele. The available 3D printing processes include:

1. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS): Ideal for creating robust and functional parts using powdered thermoplastics. SLS is well-suited for applications where strength and durability are paramount.

2. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM):This widely adopted technology employs a thermoplastic filament to create parts. It is cost-effective and versatile, making it suitable for rapid prototyping and functional testing.

3. Stereolithography (SLA): SLA uses a laser to solidify liquid resin, layer by layer, resulting in highly detailed and accurate parts. It is an excellent choice for producing intricate and visually appealing prototypes.

4. Selective Laser Melting (SLM):SLM is an advanced 3D printing method that utilizes a high-powered laser to fuse metal powders together, enabling the creation of complex metal parts with excellent mechanical properties.

5. HP Multi Jet Fusion: This technology delivers exceptional speed and precision by using a binder and fusing agent to build up parts layer by layer. It is particularly suitable for functional prototypes and small-batch production.

Discover a World of Materials at JLCPCB: Fueling Your Creativity with Diversity and Quality!

JLCPCB believe that the key to unlocking true creativity lies in offering a diverse and comprehensive range of materials for 3D printing. JLCPCB commitment to excellence is not just limited to exceptional technology but also extends to the materials they provide. Whether you’re a seasoned engineer, an inventive designer, or a curious hobbyist, you’ll find an array of premium materials to fuel your imagination and bring your concepts to life.

3D Printing Material

  • Resin
  • Nylon (MJF)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Plastic
  • Nylon (SLS)

Unmatched CNC Machining Services.

In addition to 3D printing, JLCPCB also offers CNC machining services, further enhancing its capabilities as a comprehensive one-stop solution for engineers worldwide. With hundreds of CNC machines at their disposal, JLCPCB’s team can efficiently handle a variety of manufacturing needs, including:

  • CNC Milling (3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis): Capable of producing intricate and precise parts with varying complexities.
  • Turning (Digital Turning, Turning and Milling Complex): Ideal for manufacturing cylindrical or round parts with high accuracy.
  • Surface Treatment Processing: Offering a range of finishing options, ensuring that the parts meet the desired specifications and appearances.


JLCPCB’s 3D printing and CNC machining services have redefined the landscape of online manufacturing solutions. With a vast range of 3D printing technologies, a wealth of industrial-grade materials, and a commitment to quality and fast shipping, JLCPCB provides a one-stop electronics service that empowers engineers worldwide. Whether it’s for prototyping, small-batch production, or larger-scale manufacturing, JLCPCB continues to be the go-to choice for those seeking top-notch, affordable, and swift solutions for their mechanical and electronics projects.

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