DIY PCB for ESP8266 WiFi Module!

DIY PCB for ESP8266 WiFi Module!

This article shows you, how to design and develop a programming shield for the ESP8266 WIFI module.

If you remeber my video how to program esp8266 wifi module using arduino uno board. I had mentioned that pins of esp8266 is not bread-board friendly, there I have used jumper wires and bread-board for programming esp8266 wifi module.

Apart from bread board & jumper wires, Still I had to connect level convertor resistors and push button to reset the module separetly. 

So I decided why not we make programming shield for esp8266 with all the required components like DPDT switch for selecting programming mode and normal mode.

Push button is used for reset , headers to insert the esp8266 wifi module into arduino uno board.

And level is convertor resistors are for the RX pin of esp8266 module.

Designing the PCB.

To design the circuit and PCB, we used EasyEDA which is a browser based software to design PCBs.

Designing the circuit works like in any other circuit software tool, you place some components and you wire them together. 

Then, you assign each component to a footprint.

Having the parts assigned, place each component. When you’re happy with the layout, make all the connections and route your PCB.

Save your project and export the Gerber files.

Ordering the PCBs at PCBWay

This project is sponsored by PCBWay. PCBWay is a full feature Printed Circuit Board manufacturing service.

Turn your DIY breadboard circuits into professional PCBs – get 10 boards for approximately $5 + shipping (which will vary depending on your country).

Once you have your Gerber files, you can order the PCB. Follow the next steps.

1. Download the Gerber files – click here to download the .zip file.

2. Go to PCBWay website and open the PCB Instant Quote page. 

3. PCBWay can grab all the PCB details and automatically fills them for you. Use the “Quick-order PCB (Autofill parameters)”.

4. Press the “+ Add Gerber file” button to upload the provided Gerber files.

And that’s it. You can also use the OnlineGerberViewer to check if your PCB is looking as it should.

Now select the shipping method , the one you prefer and has cost efficient.

You can increase your PCB order quantity and change the solder mask color. I’ve ordered the Black color.

Once you’re ready, you can order the PCBs by clicking “Save to Cart” and complete your order.

PCBWay has lots of other staggering solder mask, Now they can produce pink, orange, grey, even the transparent solder mask. 

Apart from this they also provide Black core PCB.

After approximately one week using the DHL shipping method, I received the PCBs at my place.

Required Parts.

Now grab all the components whose list is mention above, and soldered on the PCB.

After assembling the all the components on the pcb, press the switch button to make the module go inside the programming mode and press the reset button once.

Now esp8266 is in programming mode.

Getting arduino IDE ready.

Esp8266 wifi module can be programmed using arduino ide and in order to do that , we need to make few changes in the arduino ide rather we have to add esp8266 boards in arduino ide.

Follow the below instruction to make the changes.

1. Go to file in the arduino ide and then in the preferences.

( )

In the additional board manager URL section, paste the above URL and then closed the window.

Now open board manager.

And search esp8266 in the search field, Select esp8266 by ESP8266 community and then click on install after selecting latest version.

Now our programming shield is ready to flash the program into the esp8266 wifi module.

Thanks for reading.!

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